020The coberyl pine tree is best known for its presence in the story, Sa’ Kleiness.  In the story, the unicorn named Sa, replaces her broken horn with a pinecone from a coberyl tree. Once fixed to the unicorn’s head, the pinecone turns from basic brown to beautiful, white, and glittering.  Afterwards, Sa touches the coberyl tree with her new horn, and all of the pinecones on the tree transform, too.  According to the story, Sa’s tree still stands deep in the mountain forest.  Rather common, the coberyl tree is seen peppered along mountain sides and in forests.  It is a hardy and non-mobile tree that has a rainbow of pine needles in different hues of blue.  It grows only in wintry regions, and needs a combination of snow and ice to affix the tree’s shallow roots to the ground.